Ozone molecule

It is time that the Scientific Community start to evaluate Ozone Therapy as a useful complement to the orthodox medical approach, particularly in the case of rare and drug-orphan illnesses.

The incidence of side effects, represented by a number after the comma preceded from at least 5 zeros considering the population treated in the last 40 years, point out the absolute safety of this approach when compared to the side effects of orthodox drug treatment.

It has been estimated that adverse drug reactions (ADRs) are the 4th to 6th largest cause for mortality in the USA (Lazarou J. et al., 1998. Incidence of ADR in hospitalized patients: a meta-analysis of prospective studies. JAMA, 1998, 279 (15) 1000-5.). They result in the death of several thousands of patients each year, and many more suffer from ADRs.

One of the goals of Ozone Therapy could be that to reduce the appearance of pathologies like Alzheimer, Parkinson, Dementia, etc. Indeed, the potential amount of population that is going to elderly and to potential expression of oxidative damage (calculation says it will reach 11-16 million Americans in 2050) is enormously more prominent when compared with the population actually suffering of such oxidative impairment (Alzheimer affects today about 4.5 million Americans while Parkinson approximately afflicts one million person in the United States today).

Who claims the absence of standardized, randomized, double bind studies must consider the difficulties to build up serious work without adequate budged. One of the most prominent problems of ozone is its brief life time. Its rapid decomposition make impossible to sell it in the Pharmacies! No profit no interest.

To our opinion, for the respect of the millions people treated all over the world and for all whom interested but still waiting the formal authorization of the Government Health Authorities, a redistribution of the official budget devoted to research must be urgently considered to validate or reject the ozone therapeutic potential.

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